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Sports Massage in Ft Myers Beach FL

Sports Massage near Ft Myers Beach

Even though the treatment Sports Massage has the word sport in it, you do not have to be a star athlete or even any kind of athlete in order to receive the benefits of this massage. When Sports Massages were first developed their main purpose was to help athletes prepare their bodies so they could perform at peak levels, recover after a main event, or function to their best ability during rigorous training.

The main emphasis of this type of massage is to prevent and heal injuries of the muscles and tendons. Therefore, anyone who has been injured, has chronic pain, or has restricted range of motion would greatly benefit from this massage. Usually these types of discomforts of the body are limited to a certain area of the body. As a result of this, a Sports Massage uses techniques of applying pressure the area that needs improvement.

Many benefits come from this massage including feeling good, reduced blood pressure, increased blood circulation and lymph flow, improved flexibility, and relieved pain. Specifically for the athletes out there, we know how much sweat and work you put into your sport daily, so why not receive a Sports Massage so you can ensure your performance and your body’s health are the best they can be.

Call us now to make an appointment. Whether you are a star athlete and a major event is coming up or you are someone who wants to regain their body’s full range of motion, a Sports Massage is the perfect treatment to receive.


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