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Aromatherapy Massage in Ft Myers Beach FL

Aromatherapy Massage near Ft Myers Beach

Once you treat yourself to an Aromatherapy Massage in Ft Myers Beach from Sheila Panegasser, LMT, you will realize it is incomparable to any other massage.  You will never turn back go back to getting a regular massage again. It is an experience that is more than a regular massage can offer, with the balancing properties of Aromatherapy essential oils. Aromatherapy is an ancient science of relaxing, energizing, and healing. In result, once you have received an Aromatherapy Massage, you will feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to take on the world.

The process involves more than just lighting a candle in the room.  Aromatherapy involves mixing key oils that are extracted from plants and their seeds, leaves, stems, etc. to accentuate the benefits of the massage. Whether it is rosemary and mint for sports massage or sandalwood with a deeply soothing hot stone massage, Aromatherapy can have many positive effects on the body, mind and spirit. When you are able to breath in the oil molecules, not just have them rubbed on your skin, the massage is able to greater affect body functions such as lowering the heart rate, stress level and blood pressure.

The subtle aroma of oils fills the massage room allowing you to become completely engulfed in the massage and escape from the daily chaos of life. Aromatherapy is available to enhance any massage at no additional charge! So what are you waiting for, call us today to set up an appointment and change the way you think about massages.



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