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Custom Massage Therapy in Ft Myers Beach FL

Custom Massage Therapy near Ft Myers Beach

Custom massage therapy puts together just the right techniques to ensure that all your individual needs will be met.  This is just the right reason to get your massage from a specialist that has 14 years in the field of massage therapy.  Perfectly trained to know exactly what you need is the way to benefit the most from your appointment.  So why go with anyone else?

Sheila Panegasser, LMT is a licensed, highly skilled massaged therapist that knows just what the body needs to feel its best.  You can customize your massage by telling her where it hurts and what your tolerance is for pressure.  If you have aches and pains, or if you just need to work on an ailment that has been flaring up, the custom massage will make sure that your appointment will be focused on your personal needs and wants. 

Why get a one size fits all massage?  Create the “just for you” massage and create an experience that will have the maximum benefits.  This type of massage will leave you feeling better than you have felt in years.  Call today to discuss the your body.  Every body is different and Sheila knows that no two are alike.

Don’t wait for aches and pains to get worse.  Call and find out what can be done for you.  This is the type of massage you have been waiting for.  If none of the others is a perfect fit, try the custom massage and allow your body the healing it needs.



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