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Neuromuscular Massage in Fort Myers FL

Neuromuscular Massage near Fort Myers

A very effective treatment to reduce muscle pain of the body is a Neuromuscular Massage. This type of massage is a modern system that uses the understanding of how the body's neuromuscular system works to be able to achieve the greatest result from the treatment. During a Neuromuscular Massage, I, the therapist, am able to realize what specifically is causing your pain, for example, posture or trigger points. Once that is determined, I am able to directly treat it. This massage is so effective because the nervous system controls everything in the body including muscle pain and tension therefore it targets the muscles directly. A Neuromuscular Massage is much more precise than a general massage and the results are incomparable. The pains and sores your body had previous to this treatment will be gone and you will feel revived and relaxed. During this massage I will often use my thumbs or fingertips and even my elbows and forearms when needed to explore the body's tissue and work out the built up tension. Concentrated pressure is applied to areas that are found to have pain and tightness to break up the tension and allow you muscle to function as normal. A Neuromuscular Massage can treat many problems and has excelled throughout the years to be able to help in the treatment of joints, and connective tissues. Call us now to set up your appointment to receive this body changing massage and say good bye to your pain and soreness.



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