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Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Massage in Fort Myers FL

Blood Pressure and Heart Rate near Fort Myers

Having high blood pressure and irregular heart rate can be caused by many things. Age, genetics, unhealthy eating or lifestyle, and more are factors that increase these problems. It is important and crucial that you see a doctor regularly to monitor your body’s levels and be prescribed medications, help change your eating habits, and whatever else may be needed to become healthy.

One activity you can do as a precautionary measure to help reduce the likelihood of having high blood pressure and/or and irregular heart rate, or as a healing treatment if you already do, is to receive a massage on a regular basis. Any of the treatments Sheila Panegasser, LMT has to offer can help with these common health problems. This is because a massage calms the nervous system which slows the heart rate and causes your blood pressure to lower. Tense muscles are relaxed and your body's rhythm is slowed.

A massage can have amazing beneficial effects on your nervous system and while it lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, it will also eliminate stress that you carry around day in and out. Additionally, a massage allows your body to become aware of the tension you unconsciously hold throughout your being.  The result will allow you to become more aware of your body and recognize the tension before it builds up.

By reducing tension overall, it will reduce your body’s blood pressure and heart rate. Call today to set up your massage. While receiving a massage cannot take the place of seeing a doctor or taking medications, it can effectively reduce and help your wellbeing.  Treat the problem of high blood pressure and heart rate.



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