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I have had the distinct pleasure of experiencing the many benefits of a massage by Sheila over the last few years.  The combination of regular work outs, a high stress job and the effects of aging (thought I hate to admit it) result in regular muscle aches and sometimes severe back pain.  I can always count on Sheila's massage to eliminate my aches and pains!  I have gone from experiencing great pain when standing to almost immediate relief following Sheila's wonderful massages.  The benefits aren't just physical - the relaxation and mental relief from stress are long lasting.  My husband's life is also much easier - the problem of what to give as a gift has all but evaporated!  Every holiday or occasion, number one on my wish list is a massage by Sheila. 

Becky Bronsdon


I am so impressed with the results of my therapy. I started seeing Sheila because of tightness and inflammation in my right hip area. The pain was unmanageable. She has carefully and expertly listened to even my smallest of symptoms. Her massage techniques have relieved the soreness and made it easy for me to work out and keep active again.

Sheree Jackson.


I am an active 67 year old avid tennis player. I play five or six days a week and have lots of aches and pains. I have had many different types of massage and was always missing something. I found Sheila Panegasser through the Natural Awakening magazine and have been going for massages with Sheila for the past six months on a monthly basis. I think she gives an incredible massage because she is knowledgeable and likes what she does. All I have to do is let her know where I am having aches and pains and she takes care of the rest. When I leave her office I feel like a new man. I am a lifetime customer. 

Michael V.



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