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Trigger Point Massage in Barefoot Beach FL

Trigger Point Massage near Barefoot Beach

A Trigger Point Massage is a very effective massage because it literally solves your body’s problems by going directly to the source of them. In general, we are always told that the best way to deal with a problem is to deal with exactly what is causing it. With a Trigger Point Massage this is exactly what it does.

In this treatment, aches and pains can be relieved by discovering what active trigger points are causing these discomforts. This is done by applying pressure to a point on the body and watching to see if you feel pain or a sensation in that specific area or in another place of your body. If you do feel a pain or sensation, a trigger point has been discovered.

This point is tiny and an area of irritation that can cause pain, weakness, or numbness to either the surrounding area or areas distant from the point. A Trigger Point Massage can be useful when you have already tried to resolve the pain you are feeling by treating that specific area and the pain still will not go away. When trigger points are active, they cause great discomfort and by receiving a Trigger Point Massage you can alleviate this pain.

A few examples of trigger points are abdominal muscles which can cause back pain and shoulder or forearm muscles which can cause elbow pain. Call today to set up your appointment so we can figure out what the actual source of your aches and pains.


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